We are in the very beginning stages of this powerful project.  We need two things right now: participation and funding.  You can help with both.  

Become a Founding Member of the Million Hearts Project!

For $50 you'll receive one of the first hundred hearts of the Million Hearts Project.  Here's what you'll receive (in addition to knowing that you were in on the ground floor of an incredible project that has spread around the world, touching hearts and changing lives wherever it goes):


1.  A heart to decorate for someone you're grateful for.


2.  A card on which you'll write your gratitude for that person.


3.  Clear instructions for every step of the process - plus examples on the back.


4.  A postcard to send to the person for whom you created your heart.  It lets them know that they are part of the Million Hearts Project and gives them the code they can use to track the heart when the website is fully functional.


5.  Your own card that includes the code for your heart.  You are now a card-carrying Founding Member of the Million Hearts Project!


6.  Postage-paid return label* to send the heart back to the Million Hearts Project Headquarters.

*Domestic (US) orders only.